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Wildcat Films began with reporting on the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and then undercover with dissident groups in the USSR. We went on to pioneer the role of independents in supplying frontline news to networks around the world.
Our ground breaking reports from conflicts in Nicaragua, South Sudan, Western Sahara and Kashmir led to the establishment of the Channel 4 Film Fund which is still in place today.
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Wildcat's exclusive documentaries have investigated heroin smuggling from Afghanistan, exposed the rise in toxic poisoning of polar bears, and highlighted the threat of biological terrorism.
We're currently in production is a major investigation into how climate change is increasing the risk of conflict in the Arctic, as well as a shorter report on the impact of Finland and Sweden's recent decsion to join NATO.
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Drama productions have included "An Angel Passes By" which featured a teenaged James McAvoy in his first screen role, and which won Best Film at the San Francisco International Film Festival.
Other work has tackeld a bilingual drama set within the UK's Chinese community, and a period piece set in the Highlands of Scotland in the 1950's.
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We have delivered award winning educational and campaigning resources to a number of government and non-governmental bodies over the years.
Our clients have included Save The Children, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Health & Safety Executive, and the British Antarctic Survey.
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Wildcat has two finished feature scripts seeking finance. "The Other Landscape" is a screen adaptation of the classic novel by Neil Gunn, while "Flight" is a fictional exploration of the process of reconciliation and forgiveness following the conflicts we have witnessed in our factual filmmaking.
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The founder and Creative Director of Wildcat Films is David Baillie who also works as an Emmy & Bafta awarded freelance cinematographer and director.
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"Melting Ice - Cold War" is a documentary investigating how climate change is increasing the risk of war in the Arctic.
Production became stalled because of Covid travel restrictions but is now back underway.
The sizzle below was edited before the invasion of Ukraine which has of course further increased military instability in the Arctic.
It is narrated by David Shukman, the former BBC Science and Defence Editor.
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